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Who is Aisha Buhari?


Aisha Buhari is 44 years old. She was born the 17th February 1971. Her father is Halilu Ahmed Ciroma, the nephew of Alhaji Muhammadu Ribadu, the 1st Minister of Defence, and her grandfather is the Chiroman Adamawa.

This gentle refined lady from a royal background got married on the 2nd Dec 1989, 2 months before her 19th birthday. That makes her an adult and of legal age to get married to the man of her choice. The Buhari marriage is one filled with love and laughter. Despite Gen Buhari being a muslim legally entitled to have 4 wives if he wants, she is his only wife. He and his late wife were legally divorced for over 2 years before he got married again to Aisha.

Mrs Buhari is a beautiful accomplished highly educated woman. Her husband, Mohammed Buhari, has fully supported and encouraged her educational aspirations. He hired a private tutor for her, and she went on to get an NCE, a 1st degree in Public Administration,and she is currently studying for an MSc in International Affairs and Strategic Studies.

She is also an accomplished hardworking business woman, who runs her own business, is an employer of labour, and is a glowing example to other women and young girls.

As a woman who was a home-maker in the early years of her marriage, she reaches out to other home-makers and encourages them to follow their educational and career aspirations. Aisha and Mohammed Buhari are blessed with 5 children and a couple of grandchildren.

It is to the credit of her ambition and her husband's support, that despite the demands of her family, she has achieved so much educationally and in business, and is so talented, hardworking, and accomplished.

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